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String Quartet No. 1 (Movements 1 and 3)

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String Quartet No. 1 from Andrew Boscardin on Vimeo.   Movements 1 and 3 from my string quartet, performed Thursday, August 4th at Vermont College of Fine Arts. I. Mrs. Chippy – Alteration of Motion III. Félicette – Body in Motion, Body at Rest Violin – Jennifer Choi Violin – Mary Rowell Viola – Jessica Meyer Cello – Ashley Bathgate Each of the three movements of String Quartet No. 1 takes its name and inspiration from a mostly unsung voyager from the annals of history. Mrs. Chippy was an explorer…read more


Throwback to a Thursday Five Years and Day Ago

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If time is a flat circle, then just over the Event Horizon you should be able to just make out another rainy, windy Thursday, designated November 5, 2009, where a newborn Zubatto Syndicate is doing that wobbly leg thing that baby fawns do onstage at Town Hall Seattle in front of a supportive audience of friends and family. I can’t believe Zubatto is going to be a first-grader soon. ‪#‎tbt‬ You can enjoy the whole show online thanks to the nice folks at the Seattle Channel!

This is not a (Chinese) Democracy.

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This is not a (Chinese) Democracy – 2Batto from Andrew Boscardin on Vimeo. Happy Fall, everyone! Work on 2Batto! is still creeping forward and I believe we are on track to finish editing and mixing in the next month or two. No one is more anxious to get this thing finished than I am, but (naturally) no one is more intent on getting everything just right. With this in mind, Adam and I went back to Avast! this past week to redo some guitar stuff that has been bugging me…read more

Tell Them About The Cover Song Reward

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The cover song reward is the chocolate center of the Kickstarter campaign. It is the theme that holds everything together. Even though I started Zubatto to perform my own music, cover songs have always been a fun part of our performances. The first cover we ever did was “Taxman” by The Beatles, for a gig at the Crocodile on tax day, April 15. If we ever have another show on an April 15, we’ve got that one in the pocket. I initially thought of cover songs as one-shots like that…read more

Zubatto Syndicate and MetriLodic at The Tractor, January 2 2014

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Zubatto Syndicate continues “The Year of Zubatto”, celebrating our fifth year of weirdo extraterrestrial big band shenanigans. We will be playing an awesome double-bill with MetriLodic at The Tractor Tavern on January 2, 2014 – a date so futuristic-sounding, I can’t even be sure it’s not a Simulacrum created by Skynet. Remember those awesome Marvel Team-Up comics where Spidey would pair up with The Hulk, Iron Man (or even Man-Thing or Howard the Duck) for some serious adventures? Well, this is like that but with music! Sharing the bill will…read more