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Throwback to a Thursday Five Years and Day Ago

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If time is a flat circle, then just over the Event Horizon you should be able to just make out another rainy, windy Thursday, designated November 5, 2009, where a newborn Zubatto Syndicate is doing that wobbly leg thing that baby fawns do onstage at Town Hall Seattle in front of a supportive audience of friends and family. I can’t believe Zubatto is going to be a first-grader soon. ‪#‎tbt‬ You can enjoy the whole show online thanks to the nice folks at the Seattle...

This is not a (Chinese) Democracy.

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This is not a (Chinese) Democracy – 2Batto from Andrew Boscardin on Vimeo. Happy Fall, everyone! Work on 2Batto! is still creeping forward and I believe we are on track to finish editing and mixing in the next month or two. No one is more anxious to get this thing finished than I am, but (naturally) no one is more intent on getting everything just right. With this in mind, Adam and I went back to Avast! this past week to redo some guitar stuff that has been bugging me – particularly, the solo for the song that is currently titled “Thyonean Butt Rock.” Here’s a short video for your headbanging amusement. I believe that this is really, truly, actually the end of recording for the second Zubatto record. We’ll see what I believe next week. In any case, we’re scheduling our session for the final mixing at Whiny Cat very soon, at which time I hope to...

Tell Them About The Cover Song Reward

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The cover song reward is the chocolate center of the Kickstarter campaign. It is the theme that holds everything together. Even though I started Zubatto to perform my own music, cover songs have always been a fun part of our performances. The first cover we ever did was “Taxman” by The Beatles, for a gig at the Crocodile on tax day, April 15. If we ever have another show on an April 15, we’ve got that one in the pocket. I initially thought of cover songs as one-shots like that until “Master of Puppets.” We were only going to play that at the record release show for our first album, but it was so much fun (and took so much work) that it became part of our regular set. The idea for a cover song Kickstarter reward came to me while I was working on the top secret cover suite that we are also recording for the new album. The idea of taking everyone’s...

2batto! Send Money! Get cover song!

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Zubatto Syndicate is heading back into the studio to begin work on the follow up to our debut record, and once again we need your help. Find out more, watch me try to act with a bunch of robot toys and learn how you can pick our next cover song. Such Excite!

You’ll Never Believe What Metallica Song This Big Band Plays. And What Happens Next Will Melt Your Face.

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Just kidding, it’s totally Master of Puppets. Live from our show at Columbia City Theater in November of last year. Recorded by Gary Mula and mixed by Adam Burd. Zubatto Syndicate – Master of Puppets from Andrew Boscardin on Vimeo.

Zubatto Syndicate and MetriLodic at The Tractor, January 2 2014

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Zubatto Syndicate continues “The Year of Zubatto”, celebrating our fifth year of weirdo extraterrestrial big band shenanigans. We will be playing an awesome double-bill with MetriLodic at The Tractor Tavern on January 2, 2014 – a date so futuristic-sounding, I can’t even be sure it’s not a Simulacrum created by Skynet. Remember those awesome Marvel Team-Up comics where Spidey would pair up with The Hulk, Iron Man (or even Man-Thing or Howard the Duck) for some serious adventures? Well, this is like that but with music! Sharing the bill will be MetriLodic featuring Eric Barber, sax, iPad, synth, Paul Kemmish, bass, and Byron Vannoy, drums. Come nurse your NYE hangovers, enjoy some great music, drink some beer and bring in 2014 (what?) in style! Advance tickets on sale now at and WHAT: Zubatto Syndicate and MetriLodic WHEN:...

Zubatto Syndicate: 2Batto! Premiere Photos

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Some great shots by my friend Odawni Palmer of Sunday’s Zubatto Syndicate show at Columbia City Theater. Video and more to...

Zubatto Syndicate: 2Batto! World Premiere, November 10th at Columbia City Theater

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Zubatto Syndicate returns on November 10 for the World Premiere of 2Batto!, all new music for extraterrestrial Big Band at the beautiful Columbia City Theater with special guests Moraine and Syrinx Effect. Zubatto will be celebrating 4 years of performance and recording, by premiering all-new music written, arranged and presented through support from 4Culture. This performance falls almost to the day on the fourth anniversary of Zubatto Syndicate’s very first performance at Town Hall Seattle. Since that debut show, we’ve brought large ensemble improvised music to unconventional spaces all around Seattle, recorded and released a double LP, and shared our music with listeners all over the world. This performance marks the beginning of our fifth year of active duty, a milestone which is a feat in itself for a band this size. With a brand new set of songs, plans for more performances both...