Zubatto Syndicate with Owcharuk 5 and Water Babies at the Crocodile – April 15, 2010.

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Zubatto Syndicate brings its signature mixture of big band jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop and what-have-you to Seattle’s legendary Crocodile on April 15th (Tax Day!), along with Owcharuk 5 and Water Babies.

Water Babies play spontaneously created funk improvisations lovingly designed to have you shakin' your booty. Think Bitches Brew or Headhunters combined with Galactic or The Meters and you'll get an idea…

Owcharuk 5 are five people coming together to make music about life. Work, play, hard times, good times, war, peace. This music has made its way from the Ukrainian plains, the Carpathian mountains, and the Cossack camp, to find kinship with Latin grooves, Blues soul, and Punk Rock energy. No frills, just music for the people.

With Owcharuk 5 and Water Babies.




Doors at 8pm.

Tickets: $8 Advance/$10 Day of Show

Tickets on sale now! Buy them here:

2200 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA