July News: Zubatto Syndicate at Sounds Outside Festival and other Imminent Arisings

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What's Summer without these guys?

Happy July, Newsies!

This month is going to be action-packed for Zubatto Syndicate. We'll be playing the first day of the Sounds Outside festival at Cal Anderson Park on July 17th. We go on at 4pm, but the whole day is free, so come down and hear some fantastic music. I'm thrilled to be a part of this festival and not just because I can walk to the gig. I've been a fan of the festival myself for years and have attended as often as possible. It's such a gift just to have live music in Cal Anderson during the Summer, and to have it be as adventurous and high-quality as the organizers have succeeded in presenting year after year is a real joy.

And did someone say “new song?” They probably did. New song.

You can see the whole line-up and schedule here: Sounds Outside

WHAT: Zubatto Syndicate at Sounds Outside
WHEN: July 17th, 4pm
WHERE: Cal Anderson Park, Seattle

Speaking of Sounds Outside, this is the 5th year for the festival and it has been growing each year by leaps and bounds. This year, the organizers have run into a tougher time raising funds in the current economic climate and some previous sponsors have been unable to come through. This festival depends solely on community support through grants and donations and they need your help!

If you can, please consider giving a few dollars to Sounds Outside. It's a truly good cause and goes right to making the performances possible.

You can donate here:Sounds Outside Online Benefit

** More news **

Due to some last-minute scheduling stuff, I've pushed back the dates for my Summer Composition Workshop to August 9th. There's still room, so if you're interested or know anyone interested, send them my way!


“Four-Color Heroes!” is now pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp! Download the album for any amount, ranging from free to more-than-free, whatever your conscience dictates. You can get the CD for anything from $1 up (plus shipping). Tell your friends.

Download it now on Bandcamp!

The last bit of July news is that more news is imminent, but not quite ready to be announced. Look for a big (12-piece big) announcement later in the month, probably right after the show on the 17th. Mystery and anticipation are good things, right? Right.

** Some quick hits from my blog **

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* On the occasion of joining the local Musicians' Union.

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* Have you seen the T.A.M.I. Show? Well, go rent it. It's a legendary concert film from 1964 that lives up to its reputation in every way. Live performances from the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, the Rolling Stones, the Miracles and some guy in a cape named James Brown who has the ability to travel 46 years forward through time and make the hair on the back of your neck stand all the way UP. Also, ridiculous “teen” dancing from 1964.

More about the T.A.M.I. Show

That's it for July! Hope to see you at Sounds Outside in a couple of weeks!