August News: The Great Zubatto Syndicate Recording and Capital Campaign

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You’re Zubatto’s only hope!

Hello Ve-News-ians!

August is my favorite month of the year, for many reasons. It brings my birthday, for one, and the weather in Seattle is so fantastic. But mostly it’s the birthday part, to be honest.

It seems fitting that I get to share the most exciting news with you during my favorite month. Zubatto Syndicate is making a record! And not just any record, but a complete and huge listening experience that will cause your speakers to combust (any actual speaker combustion is coincidental) and maybe some heads to explode (no liability there either). The studio is booked, everyone is on board, the music is getting better and better with each performance – we are going to knock this thing out the park. Maybe out of the Solar System.

And we want you to help us with the knocking. Or the swinging. Or something with the baseball metaphor. Help us make a record!

We’ve partnered with the fund-raising website to raise money for the initial recording costs for the record. With Kickstarter, you can pledge any amount of money to the project – even $1 – and if we meet the goal by the deadline on September 1st, we get to make a record and you get something back for your support. $1 or more gets you a “Thanks” in the liner notes. $10 gets you a download of the finished album, $20 gets you a download and a signed CD. There’s limited edition vinyl, T-shirts, Executive Producer credits, even a private CD Release Party.

Along the way, there will be updates from the rehearsals and the recording studio on the Kickstarter site, plus exclusive content (videos, audio, maybe an exclusive tune, who knows?) just for supporters, and more. As a partner in the project, you’ll really get to be a fly on the wall for the entire process.

Please take 4 minutes and 46 seconds to watch the video (there’s a cat!), and consider making a pledge of any amount that seems fair and appropriate, even $1. Every dollar really does help. In the first 10 days of the campaign, we’ve already reached 63% of our goal, which is truly amazing. Now we need you for that last 37% (and maybe beyond).

View the Kickstarter video here:
Thanks in advance for your support!

Some recent blog hits, mostly having to do with the subject of fund-raising:

* A wrap-up of our recent show at Sounds Outside, including pictures and hastily edited video.

* An appeal to small donors.

* The last letter to the Nickel & Brass Debut CD Club

And some recent press for Sounds Outside:

* The Seattle Times says we’re “unafraid to foray into the modern pop idiom.” That’s right – we’ll foray wherever we want!…

* The SunBreak thought we were a worthwhile way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

* The Seattle Weekly calls us “sprawling and multi-layered.” Sort of like the budget for a Big Band record.…

That’s it for August! See you back here in September, when we will (with your help) have a fully funded Kickstarter project, plus some show announcements.

I’ll leave you with this, to help inspire your support of the first Zubatto Syndicate record!