September News: Only 48 Hours Left to Help Zubatto Make a Record!

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Hello Newsfans,

Kickstarter video update.

Since the last time we spoke, the Zubatto Syndicate Kickstarter Campaign has reached and exceeded its initial target, thanks to the generous support of (at the time of this post) 71 awesome donors. To put that into perspective, I raised less than half that amount for my last CD through 40 donors. So we’re doing great, both in total dollars and the number of participants. The latter is the best part, because that means this music will reach all of those people when it is finished and recorded.

That’s the good news. The BETTER news is that it is not too late to pledge to the project and make sure that you get your name in the liner notes, a copy of the record on CD, vinyl or download as soon as it is released, or to sign up for any of the other cool rewards packages available. By signing up before the funding deadline on September 1st, you’ll also get access to backer-only updates on Kickstarter including reports from the studio, and exclusive music and video. I’ve got some really fun stuff planned and it starts rolling out for supporters on September 2nd.

The total budget for this recording is about 3 times what we have raised so far. Every dollar we generate through Kickstarter in the next 2 days goes directly to helping make this project a reality – by paying recording and production costs, engineer fees, and more. If you are interested in hearing this recording when it is finished, this is the best way to preorder it. You’ll get the most value for the money you spend and it will go further to cover our expenses than it will after production.

I really need as many supporters as possible to contribute any amount – even $1 helps.

If we can get to 100 donors or surpass $5000 before the Kickstarter deadline on September 1st, that will go a huge way to making this project happen and to making the first Zubatto Syndicate record a success.

Check out the Zubatto Syndicate Kickstarter Project Page.

For more info, here are the blog posts of the last month, which was officially the month of the Zubatto Syndicate Capitol Campaign.

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Please help if you can. I think you’ll be happy that you did. This record is going to be awesome.

See you in October with an update on recording!

And now some video inspiration!