Waiting for the Secret Project

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It’s been slow news at Boscology HQ for the past few months but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a ton of work going on behind the scenes. I’ve been working on performances for Zubatto, writing new music and making plans for the coming year. The main event is the first real stirrings of the Secret Project, which is finally taking the first steps from the vaguely hypothetical into reality.

The secrecy behind the Secret Project exists for a couple of reasons, ranging from my cheeky sense of humor to a very real desire to control the announcement of what I’m hoping will be an exciting addition to my recording and writing repertoire. I’m also trying to foster the ideas behind the secret project as long as I can before they leave the nest and become actual sound waves. It’s a delicate balance between wanting to update everyone about the latest arisings and nurturing something new and different until it is ready to see the light of day.

As I write this, I am also, literally, waiting for the Secret Project. Specifically, I’m sitting on a couch back at Avast! (where the Zubatto Syndicate record was also made) while my friend Adam Burd works on drum sounds. We are just a few hours away from recording basic tracks, and this is literally the very last moment that the Secret Project will exist as just an idea, before it bursts forth as actual sounds made by people. It is a very exciting and terrifying moment for me.

If all goes well this weekend, there will be plenty of forthcoming news and updates about the Project Formerly Known As The Secret Project. If not, I will erase all mentions of the Secret Project from history, Dr. Who-style.

Stay tuned!