This is not a (Chinese) Democracy.

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This is not a (Chinese) Democracy – 2Batto from Andrew Boscardin on Vimeo.

Happy Fall, everyone! Work on 2Batto! is still creeping forward and I believe we are on track to finish editing and mixing in the next month or two. No one is more anxious to get this thing finished than I am, but (naturally) no one is more intent on getting everything just right.

With this in mind, Adam and I went back to Avast! this past week to redo some guitar stuff that has been bugging me – particularly, the solo for the song that is currently titled “Thyonean Butt Rock.”

Here’s a short video for your headbanging amusement.

I believe that this is really, truly, actually the end of recording for the second Zubatto record. We’ll see what I believe next week.

In any case, we’re scheduling our session for the final mixing at Whiny Cat very soon, at which time I hope to share some sounds, as well as the final artwork and track listing.

Once we have a better sense of the final timeline for releasing this sucker, I’ll be able to update you on plans for the release show(s) and the state of the cover song rewards.

Thank you again for your continued support and patience. More soon!

-Axl Boscardin